Why Join?

The Ottawa Specialty Food Association (OSFA) began as a few local Ottawa processors getting together, talking about shows, sales, suppliers and business in general. More business owners became interested and the need to formalize the association became apparent. In the summer of 2013, the OSFA Board of Directors was formed and had its first meeting to move forward with this process.

The OSFA Mission is to foster and promote specialty food processors from the greater Ottawa area. This includes specialty food processors from Cornwall to Kingston, up to Ottawa and a little into Quebec.

The basic premise is that we have so many amazing specialty food processors in the region working independently to build their business. Few have a voice with government, access to group buying, mentoring with experienced entrepreneurs, marketing beyond local media or easy access to the information required to start a business.

By forming the Ottawa Specialty Food Association, our goal is to make it easier on new entrants into the industry through easy access to information, education and mentoring. Experienced processors will benefit from enhanced group resources, marketing and networks. Further, it is our goal to promote the ‘Flavours of Ottawa Destinations’ both within our region and beyond. Also, our annual Christmas and Easter shows are very successful and our Pavilions at large shows have been fantastic.

Together our businesses stand to gain more exposure and foster greater brand recognition for local products.

What we are doing together:

  • Develop sales networks and connections with distributors and retailers to keep building your sales.
  • Developing Co-marketing opportunities
  • Host ‘Flavours of Ottawa Destinations’ shows for great local sales at a low cost.
  • Host ‘Flavours of Ottawa Destinations’ pavilions at larger trade and consumer shows putting members in front of Large Crowds.
  • Promoting the products made here to Retail buyers and creating consumer awareness of the high quality of our specialty foods.
  • Create group-buying opportunities (jars anyone?)
  • Create education opportunities to take your Business to the provincial, national or international level.
  • Creating and providing information resources and networks to find what you need to know all in one place.

Membership gets your business access to all OSFA activities and per use services for a Basic Annual Fee of just $100 + HST ($113)

To Join, Please complete the on-line application